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MiniRefresh – Graceful HTML5 DropDown Refresh Plugin

September 06, 2017     1071     Scroll Mobile
MiniRefresh – Graceful HTML5 DropDown Refresh Plugin

MiniRefresh is a graceful HTML5 drop-down refresh plugin. No dependency, high performance, multi themes support and easy to expand.


  • No Dependency(do not depend on any library)
  • Multi Platform Support(Android, iOS, Browser)
  • Multi Themes(default, applet, taobao, drawer3d, drawerslider)
  • High Performance(CSS3 hardware speedup)
  • Good Compatibility(scroll-nested, support Vue)
  • Easy To Expand(by implementing the UI hooks)
  • Graceful API(detected by ESlint)
  • Documentation And Examples(Introduction, API, Tutorial)

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