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Protip – New Generation jQuery Tooltip Plugin

September 10, 2015     4499     Tooltip
Protip – New Generation jQuery Tooltip Plugin

Protip is a new generation jQuery tooltip plugin for any situation.


  • 49 position
  • Live refresh of tooltip options.
  • Live element checking (element removed? -> tooltip should disappear).
  • Gravity: find a better position if it won't fit to the screen.
  • DOM targets: append into the root or into another target element.
  • Placements: outside, inside, border, center
  • Click activated and sticky tooltips.
  • Custom HTML content
  • Interactive tooltips
  • In/Out delays
  • Auto-hide
  • Icon support
  • Skins, sizes, schemes
  • Animations support
  • Mixins (CSS only, JS based coming soon)
  • Custom event callbacks

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