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Smallipop – Customizable Tooltip Popup for jQuery

February 06, 2013     9707     Tooltip
Smallipop – Customizable Tooltip Popup for jQuery

Smallipop is a customizable jQuery plugin for displaying tooltips.


  • Pure css for the design. Fallbacks for older browsers and no images.
  • CSS Animations are supported.
  • Custom themes for different use cases.
  • The popup trigger can be positioned anywhere. The popup will be displayed at the body root, so the position won't be affected by your layout.
  • Automatic orientation whereever the popup appears. The popup will try to stay in the visible area of the screen, even when scrolling or at the edges.
  • Only a single popup element in the document. Some plugins create a hidden popup for each trigger.
  • Custom options for each trigger. You can have 20 different popups with 20 different themes on one page if you like.

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