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SocialCount – Lighter & Faster Social Networking Widgets

November 29, 2012     8493     Social
SocialCount – Lighter & Faster Social Networking Widgets

SocialCount is a small jQuery plugin for progressively enhanced, lazy loaded, mobile friendly social networking widgets. This plugin currently supports Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

  • Lightweight, just 2.93KB
  • Works with mouse, touchscreen, or keyboard.
    • Mouse: On hover, loads a social network's native widget so that the user can Like/Recommend/+1 without leaving the current page.
    • Touch screen: simple redirects to dedicated network share pages.
    • Keyboard: Concise tab order.
  • Option to conditionally display count if it's above a minimum threshold. Avoid goose egg ghost-town.
  • Intelligent client-side caching so that two or more widgets with the same share URL only make one AJAX request.

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